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Precious Memories: 6 Unique Ways to Display Your Photobooks and Keepsakes

April 18, 2013

Get those photos you take off your camera and off your hard drive! Using family photobooks and other photo keepsakes for decorating can make your home seem even more warm and inviting. And what better way to remind yourself of the memories you cherish? You’ll smile every day you walk by the photos that capture your family’s favorite moments.

So what’s the best way to show your photos off to their best advantage? Here are some great ideas to inspire you!

1. Groupings

One of the cleanest and most striking ways to display a set of photos is to choose a theme. Imagine beautiful framed wedding portraits in your hallway: your grandparents, your mother and father, your own, your children’s (someday). It’s a beautiful, visually captivating way to showcase the love that carries down through generations!

Use your imagination: Do you have a tradition of taking annual Fall pictures? How about a series of graduation photos, class pictures, even snapshots of the first day of school!  You’ll have your own mini gallery that will make you smile every time you pass by.

2. Canvases

Did you know you can take your favorite digital photos and turn them into stunning wall art? Wrapped photo canvases can turn your photographs into real works of art, worthy of being hung over the mantel. Imagine a grand family portrait hung by the fireplace, or taking a space of honor in your foyer.

Canvases are also a visually arresting contrast with traditional framed photos. Consider an eclectic gallery wall made of a skillful mixture of framed photos in contrasting but coordinating frames, combined with the visual drama of smaller canvas photos. Your guests will love to browse your display.

3. Collections

Your children’s artwork is some of your most important keepsakes, and shouldn’t be just relegated to the fridge or keepsake boxes! Display their artwork proudly in beautiful frames. Mix their pieces in with the rest of the art on your wall, and they’ll feel like the Picassos they are. And you’ll get to see (and show off!) their creativity and imagination every day.

4. Coffee Table Books

Move beyond the idea of photos on the wall with photobooks! Celebrate your favorite photos, stories and memories. Storybooks come in a variety of sizes and cover options and can be pre-designed, or created from scratch. When you combine photos and the story of your family, you create a keepsake close at hand. Stack a series of your favorite storybooks on your coffee table for an artful display that’s always at your fingertips.

5. Photo Ledges

A photo ledge is one of the most elegant ways to create a photo grouping. Create a clean line of simply framed photos, or mix it up with different levels! A grouping of objects, canvases, metal prints and more can create an eye-catching display. Add some beautiful, sentimental objects to make the display even more unique to your family–a bronzed baseball next to the picture of your son’s first little league game; the tiara your daughter wore at her dance recital alongside the portrait of her in her costume. Anything you’re inspired by can become a beautiful, personalized grouping.

6. Prints and Posters

Another way to create eye-catching displays–and mix it up a bit–is to take your photos to the next level. Prints and posters are a great way to design a completely unique keepsake that suits your home’s decor. You can add a background, an inspirational quote, or a custom border to make it special to your family.

Tell us in the comments: what’s your favorite way to display your photos?