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Pretty as a Picture!

November 8, 2016
In today’s world of selfies, social media, and smart phones, sometimes we forget the importance of the good “old-fashioned” photo session. And let’s face it, your scrapbooks and photo books are only as good as your pictures.

I’m grateful for my 15-year-old daughter who reminds me several times each year of the greatness of this simple concept.

Meet Mary, Sage’s BFF:


She turns 16 today and they’ve been inseparable for years. Here’s the fun tradition. On their birthdays, they get all dolled up (often doing each other’s makeup and hair, and wearing each other’s clothes), then enjoy a photo session with each other. In the earlier years, they’d borrow my camera and would set up their own photo shoot. Now they have a friend, Erin Stokes, who takes the photos for them. (Yep–she’s 15 too! Amazing!)

After looking through these pictures, there’s a lot I can learn from Erin.

Side lightingI love the effect of side lighting in these photos. It emphasizes detail and texture. Ideally, the light should hit your subject at an angle approximately 45 degrees to one side.




Shoot From Behind: Photos don’t always have to show off the entire face to be revealing. Body language alone conveys a lot. Shooting from behind captures the world from their viewpoint.



At One with Nature: Outside shots are my favorite! They allow us to include visually appealing elements in the foreground, such as the slight rise of grassy knoll (love the autumn colors in this grass), and then the steep incline of the mountain behind. Also, neutral backgrounds, such as the warm grass and mountain, add atmosphere and pleasing texture to an image without overwhelming the subject.


Dress in Solid Colors: Keep clothing simple. Trendy details make the image look dated quickly and distract the viewer. img_1212

Capture the Impromptu Joy: Call on your best portrait-taking skills to capture the trappings that put a twinkle in your subjects face. And–keep on shooting. You never know when you’ll get that perfect shot!


Happy End of Fall, Y’All!

– Lisa