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Pretty Organized

April 4, 2017

I dream of being organized – every paper neatly filed, notes neatly written with lists to accomplish, and all the other things that make me look like I have everything figured out. Most of the time I use whatever supplies are handy and if you were to look at my desk on most days, you’d find piles of papers, lots of sticky notes, and other random things. But I’ve also discovered that having pretty things makes getting organized more fun.

You can imagine my excitement when the Office Chic Kit from Anthology DIY arrived. It’s so pretty!

Look at the lovely colors and designs on these file folders! These are way too pretty to hide in a file cabinet. I’m thinking they’ll sit on top of my desk.

And these baby file folders are a fun addition to my planner. I stapled the edges of a couple so I could use them as pockets. The others I’m going to put use for favorite photos. I’ll use clear photo corners so I can easily swap out the photos when I want a new one to look at. Speaking of my planner, the flag paper clips are the perfect way to mark pages I want to get to quickly.

On to note taking. I’m always jotting things down and these notepads are a lovely way to capture them on paper. And if I need to have them where I can see them, the shiny, gold clips will come in handy.

That’s not everything in this jam-packed kit, but it gives you a good idea of the fun you’ll have organizing with the Office Chic Kit.

Happy organizing!

– StacyC