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Quick Pages Using Layout Formulas

December 30, 2015

As this year comes to a close, it becomes time to focus on the new year ahead and all the things yet to be accomplished. Wouldn’t it feel good to start 2016 with a bunch of completed pages? Well I’m here to help. First, I want to grant you freedom. Freedom to keep your pages simple and to not get caught up in perfection. Not every page needs to be a masterpiece or super creative. Second, I want to introduce you to some quick and easy layouts using 3, 4, and 5 pictures per page based on formulas. These formulas are simple, but the combinations are endless.


To get started, keep this formula in mind. You will need the following items from the collection of your choice:

  • 1 layout base (refill page or cardstock)
  • 2 journaling cards
  • 1 border strip
  • 1 sheet of coordinating paper, cut to desired width (I usually cut my paper ½ inch larger than the photos I want to place on top or use a standard 3″ strip)


Here are the basic steps:

1. Mat. Choose your favorite photo and mat with the journaling card.

2. Crop. Trim your photos to the suggested size on the sketches or the size that works best for your pictures.

3. Adhere. Place the paper, border strip, photos, and second journaling card as outlined in the sketch on your layout and adhere to the page.

4. Journal. Write down your memories and you are done!

Here are formulas and my example layouts using four and five photos. Keep in mind, by just changing the collections you use and the arrangement on the page, there are endless ways to complete these pages!

Lauren-4-photo-sketch Lauren-4-photo-layout

 Lauren-5-photo-sketch Lauren-5-photo-layout

Lastly, don’t forget to sit back and smile as you create your pages and remember all the beautiful moments you’ve captured for yourself and others to enjoy.

So, cheers to you for being a memory keeper and best wishes for a new year filled with success …and lots of finished pages!