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Red, White, & Blue with Anthology DIY

June 13, 2017

Uncle Sam snuck in my house and did a little decorating!

Summer is my favorite season and I’m so happy it’s finally here. I especially love that one of my favorite holidays is right around the corner! I love having big family barbeques, going to Stadium of Fire, and celebrating our country. I want the spirit of the 4th of July holiday to really resonate in my home, so I turned to the most central and inviting location in my home—the kitchen!

What I love about having a neutral kitchen is how easy it is to add different bright colors for each season. I’m able to change the whole mood of my kitchen by swapping out some accent pieces!

For this look, I paired a few cute staple items (mostly from Target or Home Goods) with candy and pictures of my granddaughter, Oakley. I also grabbed a few things from here and there around my house to really pull the look together.

The set of three blocks is from the Anthology DIY Canvas Exchange 3 set, which includes these three patriotic-themed canvases and six other summer-themed canvases. The whole set is perfect for summer and, for a limited-time only, is on sale for 30% off! You can get yours here.

Have a creative day!

– Lisa