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April 16, 2010

Celebrating women in your life can be done many different ways. But it’s always nice to come back to family. Robin Kingsbury did just that by celebrating her grandmother as a gift to her mother. She put together the following book with her grandmother’s talented writing pieces. And you bet her mother loved the gift.

By Robin Kingsbury

The main reason I created the book was to put as much of my grandmother’s pieces of writing into one complete collection for our family to enjoy.

My grandmother had always enjoyed writing and dabbled in short stories and poetry all her life. Although she never finished high school, she did go on in later years to get her diploma and even attended a local college when she was in her 70’s. My mom had all of her journals so I simply went through them and either added photos to illustrate the poem or incorporated pictures of her on the pages.

This experience brought me closer to my grandmother again. I could almost hear her voice and her words brought back tons of childhood memories. Of course, my mom cried when she opened it at Christmas and even had to wait a day or two to really sit down and look at it carefully.

Since then, we have ordered more copies for my aunt and uncle so they would have their mother’s writings to share with their families as well. This book has been one of my favorite Heritage Makers projects so far!

if you need any more info I’d be happy to give more details, but this is pretty much how it all came about.

I hope others enjoy looking at it!

See Robin’s book here.

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