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School Name-tags & Notes

September 4, 2013
We love our custom playing card decks because there are just so many creative ways to use them!

This month I’d like to show you a quick and fun way to use our cards for some back-to-school name-tags and notes for a child in grade school.

A playing card deck includes 54 cards. The front, or face, of each card can be made to be completely unique. The back of all the cards features the same customized design.

This template, 111523, has a cute design for the back of the cards. You’ll want to customize the grade number, but otherwise, it’s ready to go!

Two cards are intended to be name-tags for a child’s backpack and lunchbox. You’ll need to customize them with your child’s name. And you can add other information if you’d like.

Playing cards fit very nicely into clear, vinyl luggage tags. Tags can be found in the stationary and office supply sections of most stores.  Slip these cute cards into a tag and attach to your child’s backpack and lunch box.

The remainder of the deck provides clever note cards for you to use throughout the school year. Slip a reminder, joke, or note of encouragement into your child’s lunchbox. Or, use the cards to correspond with your child’s teachers or the office staff.