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Science Project with Heritage Makers

April 27, 2010


My 10 year old daughter was assigned a science project at school. The assignment was to create a book that consisted of parts of the body with each letter of the alphabet. She and her best friend asked if they could make the book with Heritage Makers. Of course, my response was yes!

For weeks they worked on compiling the information and pictures for their report. I was very impressed when they stated that they wanted to create this book “on their own from scratch.”

So they began working together to create the pages! They finished the book with very little help from me and now we are anxiously anticipating the arrival of the final project! It just goes to show that anyone, of any age, can create a successful book with Heritage Makers! I think it is an A+! I can’t wait to see what the teacher’s response is.

See the Science Project here.

With Heritage Makers, the possibilities for your own creations are endless. Start a project from scratch or pick from our Template Gallery.

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