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Senior Leaders Kick Off

August 11, 2010

The Senior Leaders at Heritage Makers sure know how to get a party started!


Have you been wondering why it’s time to fly? Brytt Cloward, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, shared what it’s all about. All of humanity has always wanted to fly. In ages past, many have wanted to soar like the eagles. The Wright Brothers were the first to bring flight to humanity. At that point, it was time to fly. We feel, at Heritage Makers, it’s also time to fly…in our business, in our economy, in our nation, in our families. There’s so much good out there if we just look for it. The good is out there and the good will help us fly.


Doug Cloward, Heritage Makers President, wants to know where you fly. We all fly! Dream, imagine, fly!


Chris Lee gave us the State of the Business. It really is a great time to be a heritage maker! We have over 230,000 customers. Since the beginning of this year, those customers have placed over 110,000 orders. In the last year, 750,000 units have been ordered. In our system, 1.2 million projects have been started. Since our beginning, over 46 million photos have been uploaded to our system. Pretty amazing to think about! Think forward to a year or two…think about the incredible successes that are waiting.