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Seven Reasons to Be a Storybooker

March 31, 2009

Submitted by: Candace May

I met a wonderful new friend at a Regionals training in Calgary, Alberta. Her name is Linda Kutchall and she lives in a small town in Saskatchewan. She is also an owner of a scrapbook store and a mother of three daughters. She admits to being a scrapbook addict from the time her first child was born some 10 years ago. But I soon learned that as much as Linda loves scrapbooking, she calls “storybooking” the next generation of scrapbooking, with the onslaught of digital cameras, photo enhancements and a generation that is more likely to preserve history like never before!

Linda chose Heritage Makers because the unbelievable creative component we offer is what she was seeking. Linda got busy creating her own family storybooks, and the more she used the system the more she loved it. Now Linda shares the magic of “storybooking” with her large client base.

Here are some reasons why Linda is now a storybooking addict (in her own words):

1. No mess! I could, within minutes, cover an entire table with papers, embellishments, glue, pens, pictures, and still not have everything I need to complete the perfect page. I can now sit on my couch with my laptop, while my kids watch a movie, and create all I want.

2. No need to go back through the years of scrapbook pages to fill in the story gaps I left because I didn’t want to handwrite the story and the computer wasn’t handy. Journaling is just as fun as the rest of it now!

3. No more trips to the photo store to resize, recolor, or reprint pictures. I can do it all with the mouse. What took 3-5 pages of scrapbooking can now fit into 1 or 2 page layouts!


4. All-inclusive pricing. The cost of Premier account includes all the embellishments, alphabets, paper, etc. that I will ever need. No need to stock up on flowers, ribbon and the like. A lot less waste. And it’s cheaper in the long run!

5. I don’t get bored. I could get bored quite quickly with a computer program that doesn’t change, or that is one dimensional that you can’t learn anything new from. I love the tutorials in Heritage Makers and the opportunities to learn new techniques and features. It keeps me hooked!

6. I can fill gaps in my traditional scrapbook with digital pictures from Heritage Makers. I can drag and drop into a template those events that perhaps didn’t warrant a little extra time to scrap. I can do a page in 8 minutes with this and it looks fab!

7. It warms my heart to make a book for my mother of her grand-daughters. It warms my heart to know that my children will have a sense of history in a storybook that will last a lifetime.

Linda, you had me at #1: No mess!

I want to thank you for your inspiring words and for carrying on the storybooking movement in your corner of the world. You are making a difference one storybook at a time!