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Snapshot Stories: A Simple Way to Create Digital Photo Albums

February 13, 2013

You have a collection of digital photos from your little one’s last birthday and want to find a way to showcase them, but can’t seem to find enough time to make it happen. Sound familiar? Our jobs, families and daily responsibilities keep us busy, and we can’t always dedicate the time we would like to preserve the memories that are flying by. Time, or lack thereof, directs us to simple solutions that will help us document life’s precious moments – yet still create beautiful, high-quality keepsakes.

Snapshot Stories are Heritage Makers’ way of recording memories in small, manageable chunks. The Snapshot Story approach is popular with busy women, mothers of small children, and all who are looking for a unique, small slice of creativity to document their lives. These projects are made by pairing photos with your unique stories on 4 x 6 invitations and saved in digital photo albums. You can create a new “snapshot” each week and build your family’s memory library one photo pocket page at a time. Here are some ideas of what Snapshot Stories look like!


Last weekend we featured a Snapshot Stories Challenge on our Club HM Facebook page, and we loved seeing all of your creative ideas and how much you enjoyed the ease and simplicity of creating these projects. We’ve recently added art collections to our library that are specifically designed for Snapshot memory keeping, and more are on their way!

Snapshot Stories are just one of the ways we’re making it easier for you to get those memories into digital photo albums while they’re still fresh in your head and heart. Now you don’t have to sacrifice quality for ease and convenience.


Search “snapshot” in our own Template Gallery and make your own Snapshot Story today!