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Stories and Photos Matter

June 21, 2016

Today I’d like to tell you about one of my favorite charitable organizations, My Story Matters. 


My Story Matters provides the gift of story and photos to those in need. They partner with other charitable organizations to find families struggling under unique circumstances and provide customized storybooks for them in order to promote hope, healing, perspective, increased self-esteem and inspiration! 

The charity serves children and families who are in transition due to injury, illness, death, homelessness, or relocation to the United States as refugees. The storybooks are provided to them at no cost. 

A dear friend, Amy Chandler, who has an absolute belief in the power of story to lift and heal, founded this wonderful organization. Amy and her board harness the time and efforts of local photographers, interns, writers, and numerous community volunteers to make each of these books possible.

I invite you to learn more about My Story Matters and how you can get involved in this great movement at

–  Cynthia

P.S. They were featured on a local news station. You can read the piece to see their amazing work – make sure to watch the video too.