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Stories that Matter

September 13, 2016

I was moved beyond words at the “My Story Matters” community project at The Road Home homeless shelter in SLC, Utah that was part of the Youngevity See the Change Convention. I was privileged to interview, help with photographs, play, chat, laugh, and cry with these girls (Makayla and Contessa) and their families while making a “My Story Matters” scrapbook (soon to be published by Heritage Makers) for each child.



I worked side by side with YGY volunteers around the USA and loved the amazing team spirit I felt with each of them.I thoroughly enjoyed seeing genuine smiles on each child’s face while capturing their unique story.


Over 100 books were made–yippee! (The cute lady in the family pic is a huge scrapbooker and read my magazine for years.) Thanks to Amy Searle Chandler, Sunshine Briskie and Dave Briskie for making this happen! I loved every minute and will go back soon!

– Lisa