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Studio 101: Easy Projects

May 26, 2016

On May 19th we held our Studio 101: Easy Projects class where we shared a variety of projects designed to build your confidence in using Studio. As a bonus, most of the designs were great for gift giving too. The recording is now available so you can watch the full class, which I’m sure you’ll want to do after seeing some of the projects we shared.


As we planned this class we brainstormed a list of product types that require very little editing. We came up with love mugs, phone cases, iPad cases, notepad sets, coasters, magnet sets, ornaments, tag necklaces, business cards, and several home decor items like canvases, wood prints, and metal prints. During class, we shared ideas for all but the business cards and metal prints.


Products like these notepad sets are super simple to edit – just change the name to the person you are creating the notepads for. Keep in mind that these sets have four unique designs so you need to change the name for each of the notepad designs, which are displayed down the right side. If you want the same design on all four notepads, you’ll need to copy and paste from the first notepad to the other three.


During the holidays, ornaments are a popular product and a fun way to display favorite photos in your holiday decor. But these little guys work for plenty of other ideas too. For example, look how cute they are as a bag tag! Put your contact info on one side and a photo on the other and that quickly you have a custom tag you’ll love having on your bag this summer. Also, watch the recording to see the cute dishes are clean/dirty idea.


Phone cases are another easy to make product that are great gifts because they are fully customizable. This particular design was created for Samsung and iPhone cases. Don’t you love how cute the photo looks in the camera’s lens?

Remember, you can see all the projects when you watch the recording, plus you’ll learn great tips from Brooke as she takes you into Studio. Join us next month for ideas for recording your family’s adventures on vacation or during their sporting activities. Register now for class on June 16th.

– StacyC