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Studio U: Gift Giving

October 21, 2016

Nothing says I love you like a handmade gift, whether for your family, friends, neighbors, or other people on your gift giving list. And we have ideas for making unique gifts using Heritage Makers Studio, which will make creating fun and easy. Let’s take a look!


There’s something about getting a little gift each day that makes the holiday season special. But being the one to give the gift is even better, especially when you use these cute cards made by Brooke Mehr (template142432). Whether you gift a neighbor, a family member, or a random person, spreading cheer during the holidays will brighten your day as much as the person you give the gift to.


These large stickers Brooke made (template 142428) will bring out the kid in anyone! Fill a bag with whopper candy or another round brown candy, attach the sticker, and watch the joy as they read the label and then enjoy the sweet treat. Think class treats, random acts of kindness, or just because.

brooke-take-care-of-dishes-front brooke-take-care-of-dishes-back

With as crazy as the holidays get, who wouldn’t love receiving a stack of paper plates, napkins, cups, and plasticware? Tie up the supplies and attach this fun Circle Die-cut Card (template¬†142364) and you have an instant gift that will make you the popular one on the block!

That’s a quick look at some of the ideas covered during the Studio U class. To see all the ideas, watch the recording and then get ready for a creative crafting spree.

See you in November for Studio 101: Storybook Basics.

– StacyC