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Studio U: Home Decor Made Easy

March 18, 2016

I love decorating my home, especially when it’s something that I’ve made. The home decor items in Studio are so easy to customize and some you can print as is, which is even easier!

Cassie Happy Place Wood Print

Canvases add such elegance to a wall. And when you combine a beautiful saying with lovely artwork and your favorite photos, you end up with a project like Cassie Balser’s Happy Place 16×20 canvas. The simplicity of this design lets the photos take center stage. And don’t you love the touches of gold? This template can easily hang on your wall by just swapping the photos to a few of your family memories.


Metal prints are another great way to decorate your house. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes like this 12×8 French Line Metal Print Hoppy Easter designed by Brittany Hutchings (soon to be added as a template to the gallery). The grey area is not printed but shows the shape for the metal print.

Brooke Read Me a Story Canvas

Wood prints are one of our newest products and we’re loving how they look. Brooke Mehr created this Read Me a Story 10×10 Wood Print that includes a sweet quote and a spot for a photo. This piece will look amazing in your child’s room.

We’ve had lots of questions about how wood prints look when they are printed, so during class I shared how the Circle Dot Baby Girl 8×10 template looks in the template gallery and what it looks like when printed. Here are images so you can see as well.

Circle Dot Baby Girl Wood Print


Notice that the places with very little pattern or design show the wood’s texture the best. As you are creating wood print projects, try and leave places that have either solid color or use photos that include areas with very little detail – that way you’ll see as much of the wood grain as possible.

I hope this gives you ideas for how you can add beautiful pieces to your home. If you missed class, you can watch the recording and see all the projects and tips we shared.

Have a wonderful day!

– StacyC