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Summertime Photography Tips

June 22, 2010

Summer is in full swing! That means sunshine, longer days, watermelon…and lots of photos! When you head out on your summer adventures, you want to make sure you really capture the moment perfectly. With the bright sunshine and clear days, you’ll need to know a few pointers to take great summertime photos. Here are 4 tips to help you:

1. Warm up the photo. Sounds a little silly, right? Warming up a summer photograph? But it’s true. The harsh summer sunlight, especially in the afternoon, can put a bluish tint on your photographs. This blue tint can actually make your photos look cold. Warm up your photos by changing your camera’s settings. All you have to do is change the white balance setting to “cloudy.” The cloudy setting will compensate for the blue tint of the filtered sunlight.

2. Watch the light. You’ll hear photographers tell you to look for the light. But looking for the light doesn’t mean looking for the light source. What you want to pay attention to is how the light is falling. Are there shadows? Is it early morning? Dusk? Pay attention to the light and adjust your settings accordingly.

3. Look for inspiration. If you pay attention, inspiration is everywhere! Look at the work of other photographers, go online, and study photography books. You can check out magazines, websites, and even personal photo albums for your own inspiration.

4. Put your photos in a storybook. Once you have captured all of those fun summertime moments, but your photos in a Heritage Makers storybook. You can feel the warmth of summer all year long with a storybook!

Now, get out there and start taking photos! Take the kids to the pool, go on a hike, or relax on the beach! It’s time to take advantage of the long days and warm nights.