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Super Sweet Classroom Valentines

January 27, 2015

spread 1

Valentine’s Day is one of the sweetest holidays of a child’s year and one of our absolute favorites here at Heritage Makers. Did you know that we have hundreds of fun and easy-to-customize Valentine templates? Create custom Valentines for your children this year and let them be the cutest treats in the classroom!

Shown above: “Sucker For You: Lollipop”, Template 131035; “Light Up My Life: Glow Stick”, Template 131063; “You’re Super Sweet: Candy Stix”, Template 131038; “Extra Special Valentine”, Template 131041; and “Tic Tac Toe Valentine”, Template 131169.

fish and oranges

One of our current favorite trends is treat bag toppers using our Large Address Labels. Fill a small cellophane bag with your favorite treat, sweet or otherwise, and seal the bag with one of our adorable labels! So easy and so much fun! Shown are two of our favorite new bag topper templates: “Orange You Glad”, Template 131216, and “Hooked On You”, Template 131217.

spread 2

Our fabulous Large Address Labels are 10% off throughout the month of February. Here is just a sampling of all of the fun ways you can use these labels to spruce up your Valentine’s Day goodies this year. Shown above: “LOVE Valentines”, Template 118658; “Valentine Chocolate Kisses”, Template 118109; and “Bee Mine”, Template 117925.

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