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Learning Through the Support Center

March 31, 2015

We loved meeting so many of you at the Youngevity Convention last week! We interacted with people who have been involved with Heritage Makers for years, some who knew nothing more than the name of the Memory Keeping brands, and many people in between. No matter how long you have been using Heritage Makers for preserving your memories, undoubtedly questions will arise as you work on projects and you may not always know where to find the answers.

Maybe you aren’t sure how to add text to the spine of your storybook, or you forgot how to pull a color from one of your photos to use for a different element in a project. Have you ever missed one of our newsletters or wished you could just rewatch a clip from a Studio U class where a specific skill was demonstrated? Where should you direct a friend who is just starting out with Heritage Makers to find the best tutorial videos that will help them hit the ground running?

Well, did you know that we have one convenient place where you can find all of these answers, along with many other tips, tricks, and tutorials? This wondrous place is our Support Center, where you can find articles and videos that answer all of the most common questions about Heritage Makers, including how to navigate our website, troubleshooting issues, and the most advanced editing and design techniques. We also have most of our related content linked together so you can easily jump from reading an article about how to import a page in Studio to watching a video where the concept is demonstrated for you.

A few of the many topics you can find in our Support Center.

A few of the many topics you can find in our Support Center.

Now, how can you find this fabulous Support Center? You have a couple of options. There is a green “Need help?” tab on the left side of any page on the Heritage Makers website that you can click on. This opens up a pop-up dialogue box, where you can type any topic into the search box to bring up articles and videos directly from our Support Center that can help. You can also scroll to the bottom of any Heritage Makers page and click the “Support Center” link under the “Get Help” column. The picture below shows where both of these items can be found on the home page of the Heritage Makers website.


You can always call our wonderful Customer Support for answers and advice, but we do encourage you to try a quick search of our Support Center first. In most situations, there is a good chance you’ll find what you’re looking for! You are also welcome to send an email to when you have questions or concerns outside of our office hours. We are happy to hear your ideas for new articles and videos you would like to see in the future to make your experiences in memory keeping even more enjoyable.