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Tag: mother’s day

Take Time to Celebrate Mom

May 6, 2014
Originally Posted April 2014
by Brooke Mehr, Studio Product Assistant

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and hopefully this post will give you some wonderful ideas on how you can delight Mom this year. From everything from cards and canvases to bags, mugs, and metal prints, we hope you will see something that will get the creative wheels spinning to make something special for the Mother in your life.

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April 16, 2010

Celebrating women in your life can be done many different ways. But it’s always nice to come back to family. Robin Kingsbury did just that by celebrating her grandmother as a gift to her mother. She put together the following book with her grandmother’s talented writing pieces. And you bet her mother loved the gift.

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Before I Was Your Mother

April 12, 2010

These are simple words with a huge impact. Imagine all the stories that children want and need to hear about their mother’s life before having kids. Her whole life has been one incredible adventure, with experiences growing up, going to school, working, falling in love… Imagine how much closer a child and mother can become with such a story.

Heritage Makers consultant Melodie Jones witnessed first-hand just how powerful such a story is for the whole family.

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Sisters are Forever Friends

April 9, 2010

Although a mother is special in oh so many ways, there are other people to be celebrated this Mother’s Day. Think of grandma, aunt, sister, friend. Let them know how special you know they are.

Deb Jones did just that last Christmas. With a simple scrap page, she showed her sisters exactly how she felt about them.

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