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Templates You Love

February 9, 2015

With over 12,000 pre-designed templates in countless themes and styles, you are bound to fall in love with a few of the lovely projects in our Template Gallery. When you find a template that you absolutely love, it is important to know that you do not have to start it right away. With Heritage Makers, you can save templates you love to personalize whenever you are ready! Just follow the simple steps below.



In ourTemplate Gallery, you can mark a template as one of your favorites by simply clicking the little heart next to a template. This will turn the heart from grey to pink and place the template in your My Favorites category, for easy reference. You can remove this favorite status at any time by once again clicking that heart to turn it back to grey.   my_favorites

You can access your My Favorites in the Template Gallery by selecting the “My Favorites” category in the options along the left-hand side. If you are already in a category, such as Birthday, you can pull up your favorite templates within that category or you can exit any previous categories by clicking “Reset Gallery” in the upper right-hand area.


Once you are ready to personalize your chosen template, you would simply select the “Personalize” button on the template detail page. This will start a new project in your Projects in Progress, outside of the Template Gallery. Once the template has loaded fully, you will be given the option to directly open your new project in the Studio Editor.


You can also see your favorite templates in the My Templates category of your My Studio page. Simply click “My Templates” and you will be taken to this page. From here, you can remove a template from your favorites by clicking “remove”, view a preview of the original template by clicking “view”, or start a new project based on the template by clicking “start my own.”


When you start a new project from either your My Templates or My Favorites pages, the new project will show on the first page of your My Projects in Progress page. From here it is simple to begin customizing your new project right away!

We hope that you will enjoy marking your favorite templates, so that you will be able to find them easily when you are ready to begin!