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The Heart of Heritage Makers

February 7, 2014
Originally posted January 2014
by Don Lehnhof, Director of Marketing


Chris Reeves is Superman! I’m not talking about the late Christopher Reeves, original star of the Superman movie series. I’m talking about Chris Reeves, husband to Richelle, father of seven, from Spanish Fork, Utah. He may not be Superman on the big screen, but he is Superman to his wife and extended family, and I’ll explain why.

About six months ago, Chris was looking through an old wedding album. He realized that he hadn’t done anything special for his anniversary for about five years and he resolved to do something about that. He remembered that his sister had used Heritage Makers in the past to make projects that turned out to be big hits with the family. That was the kind of idea he needed for a special anniversary gift—a personalized book celebrating their 16 years together!

On his own, without the help of his sister or anybody else, he signed up with Heritage Makers and began uploading photos. He opted for a Club membership because he wanted to use Premier art. He had a couple of questions about Studio, and considered calling Customer Service, but he eventually figured things out and was able to complete the book on his own.

“I resisted the urge to ask for help because I wanted to tell my wife I did it all by myself,” says Chris.

The book begins with the couple’s marriage in 1997 and chronicles family events up to the present. In the back of the book, Chris lists 16 reasons (one for each year of marriage) why he loves his wife. There is also a sweet letter expressing his love.

And how did Superman Chris present his anniversary gift? Ladies, get ready to award some style points…he treated his wife to a gourmet meal at The Roof Restaurant, a Utah landmark with breathtaking views of Salt Lake City and Temple Square. Afterwards, they went for a ride in a horse-drawn carriage.

When Richelle received the book, she cried (of course) and said it was the best gift she had ever received! In fact, everyone who has seen the book has raved about it, including aunts, uncles, parents, and others.

“I now have several of my friends from around the country texting and calling me about Heritage Makers and asking how they can do books of their own,” says Chris.

Husbands, if you want to score major brownie points, and/or make up for one of the dumb things you’ve done recently, follow Chris’ example. It’s a guaranteed wife-pleaser at any time of year, but it’s especially effective for a birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day.