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The Heart of Heritage Makers

March 19, 2014
Originally posted February 2014
by Don Lehnhof, Director of Marketing

We came across a wonderful tribute book, created by Emily Cutler, and we just had to share. Emily is the busy mother of 7 children, but found the time to publish a wonderful gift for her husband on the occasion of a milestone birthday. The best way to feel the impact of this wonderful project is to hear it from both sides – giver and receiver.

Emily’s Story:

“My husband’s book came about because his 40th birthday was coming up and I wanted to give him something that would celebrate his life and be something he could cherish for years to come. I decided to compile a book of responses from our children, family, and dear friends responding to the question, ‘What is one word that you would say describes Brandon and why?’ I added pictures of my husband with each of the people who responded.

I was so excited to get his book in the mail. When I opened it up and began to read it, I found myself tearing up and feeling overwhelmed with emotion as I read the touching responses from our loved ones. Each response was a reminder to me of what an amazing man I had married.

Our kids were excited to give him the book on his birthday. When he opened it up, the look on his face was priceless. Each of our kids couldn’t wait for him to read their page. He reread the book several times that night.  I could tell he was touched. He told me over and over that night what a special gift that was for him and how much he loved it.”



Brandon’s Story:

“When I first looked at the book, I was excited to see that a book was crafted and created just for me. I was surprised to see that not only my family members had contributed, but also some of my dear old friends had been involved with the book as well. The book made me feel loved and special. It will be cherished forever. I have a wonderful wife!”

Yes, you do, Brandon!

The night Brandon opened the book was the day before his birthday and the night before they were leaving for a vacation in Cancun. The kids were all in bed after celebrating his birthday as a family. As Emily was packing and finalizing details for the trip, she noticed she hadn’t seen Brandon for a while. It was getting quite late and she knew he needed to pack. As she searched around the house, she finally found him curled up in a chair in the living room reading his birthday book once again.

Isn’t it wonderful that we can create lasting keepsakes that touch the people we love in such a meaningful way? Who in your life needs to know they are “loved and special? Now is the perfect time to let them know!