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Ticket to Ride Giveaway

August 11, 2010

You’ve been working months to earn your tickets to ride. Now, it’s time to redeem. Let’s give away some cash!

Every summer we try to have a fun summer incentive. This year, we all got on board and earned cash and prizes. Some even paid for their entire trip to Reunion with this incentive.

VIP Team Tickets

New York Style pizza

Spa treatments

Shopping sprees

Early seating

The teams who won the VIP treatments are the ones who are growing the most. Congratulations!

Top 3 Sponsoring Teams (Pizza Party)

Team Pollastro

Team Barquin

Team McGee

Early Seating and Store Entrance

Those who get this honor have been notified and will be sitting in special seating during the Thursday and Friday general sessions.

Pampering and Massage

Those who got our pampering package are all relaxed for the festivities tonight.

Shopping Spree

This is a big prize! These people get first shot at everything in the HM Store…and $75 in free merchandise.

Now, let’s bring on the money!

Ticket to Ride Charm

Everyone who earned at least 10 tickets received a train charm.


$50 Cash

15 people won $50 in cash! You can use it at the HM store or go ahead and cash it out. Woo hoo!

$100 Cash

20 people cashed in big with $100 in cash!

$150 Cash

It just keeps getting better. 25 people got $150 in cash!

$200 Cash

12 people got the grand prize of  $200 cash!


Consistency Tickets

Those who were consistent all summer earn even more!

9 consultants got a fun new Reunion t-shirt!


T-shirt + $75 Cash

14 people are taking home this awesome prize

And our last consistency prize is – T-shirt +$150 Cash

4 lucky consultants took home this grand prize!

Amie Austin, Michelle Falco, Hallie Redd, and Nykelle Polastro!