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Tips and Tricks

May 14, 2009

Looking for some Heritage Makers Studio tips and tricks? Keep these ideas in mind when working on your storybooks.

Photo Rubberband
First of all, what is a photo rubber band and what does it have to do with Studio? Actually, a photo rubber band is very important to Studio. It is the colored border around a photo that has been applied to a project. You’ll notice that when you place a photo on a page of your project, the photo has a green border. And the rubber band appears each time you select the photo.

Basically, the rubber band is a reference for increasing the size of your photos. Knowing how the rubber band works will help you print good quality projects.

There are four important colors you will want to keep in mind as you size and resize your pictures: green, yellow, orange and red. The green color indicates the best size for your picture to print in. As the picture’s size increases and the rubber band changes from yellow to orange to red the more likely the picture will not print well. You’ll want to stay away from red as that is the worst quality.

Photo Dimensions
Another important tool to help you create the best quality photos for printing is the box that pops up when you click on a photo in the My Albums tab. The box gives you information about the photo and how it will best print. It may say something like, “In an 11×8.5 calendar, this image prints best at 14.08 inches x 10.56 inches or smaller.” Pay close attention to these dimensions when you place and resize a photo.