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Top Ten List & My Family Album

January 12, 2009

Submitted by: Candace May

I love David Letterman’s “Top Ten” lists. I think they are clever and fun! And I have adopted his “Top Ten” concept into a book. Every year in December/January I create and complete a book about my family’s adventures. At the very end of the book I place the “May Family Top Ten List.” This special list is where all my family brainstorm the top events of the year.


This yearly album is always an 11.5 x 8.5 size book. I create it easily by using a template in our wonderful template gallery. My favorite one to use is called “Simple Simon,” created by Catherine Schulthies. For this template you just need the basic account.

2008¬†was a wonderful year for me and my family. We have many wonderful photos of the kids enjoying every season. I love placing all my favorite photos and memories together in one simple yearbook. I envision sending my kids off to college someday with a box full of these photojournalistic-style books-they will always have their family’s special memories and events at their finger tips. Like this page of my son leaving for his first day of kindergarten.


I love that not only is there a great place for these priceless photographs, but I can also write my feelings and know my children will always have them.

Heritage Makers not only makes it easy, but they offer me peace of mind. I can store my family albums in my “completed projects” file for years to come. And I can order copies whenever I want!

This publishing system is wonderful! At Heritage Makers we cherish heritage but we also give you the best of what technology has to offer!

Here is a photo of the family albums I have created through the years.


If you are new to Heritage Makers, you can start your own family album by:

  • uploading your favorite photos of 2008 (I usually have about 70-100).
  • going to “template gallery” and using the “Simple Simon” template for the 11.5 x 8.5 size storybook.
  • dragging and dropping in your photos and adding text.
  • using the page manager to change the order and look of each page.
  • contacting your Heritage Makers consultant or attending a free online class if you need any help

Note: I always add additional pages. You can create up to 99.

At the end of your family album you can use David Letterman’s “Top Ten” list idea. It is a fun way to recap the year and see all that has happened at a glance.