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Traditional Meets Digital

July 14, 2015

Don’t you hate it when something you love goes out of stock, or even worse, gets discontinued? One excellent feature of Heritage Makers is that we have all your favorite Our Memories for Life collections available digitally, which makes each art piece much more versatile. For instance, why not use art from the adorable Boo To You collection to create invitations for a Halloween party you’re planning in a few months? Or, if some of your favorite paper is out of stock, try printing it digitally on a 12×12 scrap page and use it as the base for your traditional spread.

Below you can see Stamp of Love (template #133546), a Mother’s Day card designed by Roxanne Buchholz, that showcases some of the beautiful paper and stickers from The Love Collection.


Another fun project idea that was recently released is Little Ones Boy Cupcake Wraps (template #134893), by Roxanne Buchholz, with art pieces from the charming Little Ones Collection. Using these cupcake wraps is a simple way to add some creative accents to any party or special occasion.

We know each person has a preference when it comes to digital versus traditional scrapbooking, and many people also enjoy mixing the two (watch for an article with fun hybrid scrapbooking ideas coming soon). We also encourage you to try something new to flex those creative muscles. You never know when you might find a new favorite style!