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Until We Meet Again

May 27, 2010

Submission sample for Best Life Story Project category.

By Liz Thompson

My submitted project is a collection of a late father’s memories and insights about life, along with memories of him from numerous family members and friends, all pulled together so his three children would know and never forget their father. The children watched him struggle with Lou Gehrig’s disease and finally succumb to it.

Tom was a very strong man in his values and insights on life. He was very active in his community and left an impact on every life he touched.

Tom’s widow, Cathy, interviewed Tom during the last few months of his life so that his children could learn more about him. Cathy reached out to Tom’s family and friends after he passed and requested they answer a few questions about Tom and share their thoughts so she could pull it together for his children. It was too emotional of a project for Cathy to put in a book, so she requested that I do it.

Tom’s children received this book on the second anniversary of his death, November 4, 2009, and were overwhelmed by it. Many other family members received a copy at Christmas last year. Words cannot adequately express the impact it had.

Tom Hopkins, though I’d never met him, has had a profound impact on me.  From the day I met Cathy and she told me the story, through the many long hours of reading and copying into the book, and through Tom’s thoughts—the thoughts of his family and friends—I experienced a wide range of emotions and a warmth toward this man. I am truly sorry I had never met him. His courage, strength, and wisdom replay in my mind on a regular basis and have impacted how I handle some of life’s challenges. If I’m ever feeling down, I just need to read a few pages of Tom’s insights and everything is immediately back in perspective, including my faith that God has a plan and everything will work out.

The deadline for Best of Heritage is almost here and we want to make sure you have the chance to enter your project in our Bes of Heritage contest. It’s the perfect opportunity to show off what you do with Heritage Makers.

This year the categories are a bit different. In the past we have awarded for Best of Heritage Past, Present, and Future. But with our growing storybooking numbers and product line, we’ve decided it’s time for a fun change.

This year we are featuring the following project types in the Best of Heritage contest:

Best of Heritage Categories: (projects that are story oriented)

Best Life Story Project: life history, family heroes, overcoming adversity, healing story, etc.
Best Special Event Project: reunion, birth, wedding, anniversary, birthday, vacation, sports season, school year, party, graduation, retirement, etc.
Best Tribute Project: any project that is intended to strengthen relationships and/or build self-esteem (eg. “What I Love About You”).

NEW! Studio Showcase Project: (projects that are decorative in nature) a canvas, poster, greeting card, scrapbook page, or any craft or home décor item using Studio

Check out Best of Heritage on the Reunion site for more details on how to submit your project. The deadline for all entries is June 15.