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Update: Heritage Makers “Tucked In” Charity

June 1, 2012

We are delighted with the amazing service of Mary Steppe from Spokane, Washington. She took it upon herself to coordinate with a local children’s home to create 32 individualized storybooks as part of HM’s Tucked In Charity. The books were presented to the children at their annual Achievement Dinner, and according to Candy May, her sponsor, “It was magicalI” Candy reports that Mary went “above and beyond in her service to this wonderful organization and she represented HM well.”

Here’s what Mary said:

“Through Heritage Makers, I was able to provide a customized “All About Me” storybook for each of the 32 children at Hutton Settlement, a wonderful children’s home and alternative to foster children. The storybooks were presented to the children at their annual Achievement Dinner. The children were so excited to grab their books and begin looking through them. Some children cried, one said it was “awesome”, and another said how sweet of a gift that was. One young lady even told me she wanted to show it to her kids one day. Even well after the dinner was over, the children were still showing off their personalized storybook to their friends, house moms and dads, and family. It was such an honor and pleasure watching these little faces with excitement and joy accept this gift. A Hutton board of director was deeply touched by the books and said that these books give the children a strong sense of belonging and feeling loved.”

The Hutton Settlement

Hutton Settlement has been in place for nearly a century. Their program provides the stability that is difficult to achieve in short-term foster care. Children’s lives at Hutton are consistent, with brothers, sisters, friends, and other meaningful adults. They give children a stable environment to help strengthen their growth and development. You can learn more here.