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Vacation Planning

June 9, 2015

Whether you are planning an in-state road trip or a faraway tropical vacation this summer, the most important thing to bring, as a Heritage Maker, is your camera. As we know, family vacations always take a bit of planning, so go ahead and plan out your storybook, too. Many of our vacation storybook templates walk you through the must-see places and do much of the location photography, journaling, and background history for you allowing you to focus on pictures of your family and getting some time in for your own fun.

Remember, you’ll want to tell the story of your vacation instead of just taking a bunch of random photographs. “Niagara Falls, New York” 8 x 8 Storybook, template 125110, is a perfect road trip example. This professionally designed storybook by Roxanne Buchholz, as well as hundreds of others available in our Template Gallery, will help you visualize the vacation photo possibilities ahead of time as well as suggest the places that you won’t want to miss along the way.Niagara Falls New York

If a beach vacation is in your near future, be sure to preview “Dad’s Boyhood Beach” 8 x 8 Storybook by Lynda Angelastro, template 37711. Simple, yet elegant, this storybook tells the story of family traditions and the importance of time spent together.Dads Boyhood Beach

By doing a bit planning and being intentional, you can get photos that are memorable but that also don’t get in the way of your relaxation and enjoyment. “The Badlands” 8 x 8 Storybook, template 110572, is perfect for a vacation of scenic National and State Parks where you really want the beauty of nature to take center stage.Badlands National Park

If a bit of education along the way is your type of family vacation, then be sure to preview all of the storybooks in the Historic Series. Beautifully written to cover unforgettable American history, these storybooks will be a wonderful addition to your vacation memories. Shown here is the unforgettable “Historic Series: Mt Rushmore” 8 x 8 Storybook, template 108135.

Historic Series Mount Rushmore

With a bit of pre-planning for your vacation, you’ll be able to quickly and easily put together your family vacation storybook when you get home. With 8 x 8 Storybooks on sale this month, let Heritage Makers help you preserve your family adventure in a storybook that you’ll enjoy for years to come.