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Weddings Month

February 19, 2010

I think every month must be weddings month. There are certainly enough of them listed in the newspaper. But, February is certainly a great time to have a wedding and celebrate a relationship.

However, I don’t think weddings month has to be all about having a wedding. It can be just about remembering your own wedding, which is easy to think about with cupids and hearts in the air.

Here’s a great idea to celebrate Weddings Month… Create a book all about your marriage. This can be a book showing off all your wedding pictures, if you haven’t already. It can be about your first year of marriage. You can document you and your spouse’s live together. Or, if you are not yet married and planning your wedding, you can create your wedding sign-in book, with pictures of  you and your fiancée.

Take a look at this template for project ideas:

Our First Year
Designed by Wendy Bailey
8×8 storybook
Template ID: 424