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Writing Tip #2: Give multiple point of views in your story.

November 19, 2009


Exercise: Think of an event where lots of people were present. For 15 minutes or more, write down reactions you think others would give of the event.

Example: Annual family Christmas party – Me: The basement where we have our Christmas party gets pretty crowded, but that just means there are lots of people to greet and laugh with. Grandpa: My favorite part about the Christmas party is seeing the little ones’ faces as they receive one of my Christmas gifts. Mom: I’m just lucky to find a place to sit and eat my food. Aunt Kathy: I wish I could get more people to turn around and smile as I take these pictures.

Goal: Thinking of the story from multiple perspectives puts a new spin on the experience. Once you have ‘pretend’ quotes from each family member, you can create a fun story. Example: Each annual Christmas party is crowded, with aunts trying to take pictures of every incident, cousins playing games in the small corners of the room, and Grandpa telling crazy stories to little ones as they receive their Christmas gifts.