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Your Style, Your Way

February 10, 2014
Originally posted January 2014

by Roxanne Buchholz, Studio Creative Team Manager

Are you excited to see what our Studio Creative Team has come up with this month? If you’ve been following our articles over the past year, you know that each month our team is challenged to come up with a unique design, each following the same exact grayscale map. Starting with a yearbook theme for our Top 10 favorite moments, each designer selected a month and showed off their style, while still maintaining all photos, text, and embellishment placements, using the provided 12 x 12 scrap pages, “Top 10 Design Map” template 118000.

As you can see below, each designer was able to achieve a very unique look to capture their memorable Top 10 moments.

“Top 10: January by Michelle,” template 118019; “Top 10: February by Kelsi,” template 118061;
“Top 10: March by Sara,” template 118060; and “Top 10: April by Brooke,”template 117427

“Top 10: May by Leanne,” template 118009; “Top 10: June by Brooke,”template 117428;
“Top 10: July by Sara,” template 117790; and “Top 10: August by Leanne,” template 118011

“Top 10: September by Michelle,” template 118026; “Top 10: October by Kari,” template 118048;
“Top 10: November by Cassie,” template 118081; and “Top 10: December by Roxanne,” template 118001

Since these scrap pages were designed in such a way as to showcase the whole year, we made sure to assemble them in a 12 x 12 storybook just for you. This storybook, “Top 10 Yearbook” 12 x 12 storybook, template 118095, will be perfect for those of you that want a quick and easy way to put together your family yearbook. All you need is 10 favorite photos from each month and a few simple lines of journaling and you’ll be ready to publish in no time.
Also, we’ve heard that many of you are enjoying working on your projects from our grayscale design maps, so we have provided a couple of new maps for your family yearbooks, based on the above design.

“Top 10 Yearbook Design Map” 12 x 12 storybook, template 118003, and 8 x8 storybook, template 118045
Remember, we have many styles of grayscale design maps and fully-designed storybooks available for you in our Template Gallery. Just because a template isn’t in grayscale format, you can still think of it as merely a map. Retain the same positioning of elements but swap out the colors, pattern, fonts, effects, and embellishments to create your style, your way.