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Your Style, Your Way

April 16, 2014
April 2014

by Roxanne Buchholz, Studio Creative Team Manager

Grayscale design maps take the guesswork out of where to begin your project by giving plenty of design ideas for your layouts. This month we challenged our Studio Creative Team to come up with unique Mother’s Day themed brag bag designs using the provided grayscale map, “Mother’s Love Design Map,” template 120841. By working with the map, our team was able to select photos, papers, and embellishments to quickly and easily bring their design vision to life.

Everything on a grayscale design map is given a place but it is never spelled out what the pieces have to be, so you can get as intricate or stay as simple as you want. As you can see by the designs below, there is plenty of creative freedom available.

“Mother’s Love Design Map” by Roxanne Buchholz, template 120841; “Mother’s Love 1 by Brooke,” template 120809; and “Mother’s Love by Michelle,” template 120750.

“Mother’s Love 1 by Roxanne,” template 120842; “Mother’s Love by Kari,” template 120721; and “Mother’s Love by Leanne,” template 120624.

“Mother’s Love 2 by Brooke,” template 120810; “Mother’s Love 2 by Roxanne,” template 120853; and “Mother’s Love by Sara,” template 120802.

These beautiful designs are merely an interpretation of the grayscale map and are an awesome time-saver, even for our creative team. Do you feel inspired to give it a try? Do you want one of these bags for yourself or do you have a mother or grandmother who loves to show off their children? This is your opportunity to try our brag bag grayscale map or one of our designer templates. And as a Mother’s Day bonus, all sizes of our brag bags are on special this month, with an additional 10% off at check-out. Let yourself be inspired by these designs, as well as many other Mother’s Day projects in our Template Gallery that make unique, one-of-kind gifts.