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Your Style, Your Way

August 15, 2014
August 2014

by Roxanne Buchholz, Studio Creative Team Manager

What adventures did you have this summer? Did you head somewhere tropical or did you opt for a day at a magical theme park? No matter what you chose to do this summer, now is the time to document your memorable family vacation. To help you get going on your layout, we created a greyscale design map and asked each of our Studio Creative Team members to show you their vacation ideas, starting at the exact same point.

Beginning with a simple 12 x 12 scrap page and a special destination in mind, each designer showcased their favorite summer memory while highlighting their own style. Notice how they maintained the original placement of all photos, text, and embellishments, yet they all have a very unique look.


“Time to Shine Design Map,” template 125035 and “Time to Shine by Roxanne,” template 125037

“Time to Shine by Cassie,” template 125118 and “Time to Shine by Leanne,” template 125034

“Time to Shine 2 by Brooke,” template 125039 and “Time to Shine by Michelle,” template 125117

“Time to Shine by Kari,” template 125069 and “Time to Shine 1 by Brooke,” template 125038

To make your vacation projects as simple and easy as can be, we have many styles of greyscale design maps, as well as fully-designed storybooks, available for you in our Template Gallery. And remember, just because a template isn’t in a greyscale format, you can still think of it as merely a map. You simply retain the same positioning of elements but swap out the colors, patterns, fonts, effects, and embellishments to create your style, your way.