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Your Style Your Way: Family Poster

July 15, 2013

There is something quite magical about being part of a family; shared memories, special bonds, and time spent together. With summer upon us, this month’s theme for the Your Style, Your Way design map challenge centered around a special family vacation such as you might take to the beach.

Take a look at what our Studio Creative Team members have come up with this month. Each member was given the same 18 x 24 gray-scale poster “Beach Design Map,” template 108143, and asked to put their own flair on the project while maintaining the same text, photo, and embellishment placement. Some designers focused on the actual beach theme, while others went with a more generalized family motif. This shows the broad range of design possibilities available with each and every template in our Template Gallery.

“Beach Design Map,” template 108143; “Beach by Michelle,” by Michelle Bell, template 110508; “Beach by Anna,” by Anna Bates, template 110523; “Beach by Sandra,” by Sandra Dovre, template 110152; “Beach by Shanna,” by Shanna Vineyard, template 110378; “Beach by Kari,” by Kari Pieratt, template 109032; “Beach by Cynthia,” by Cynthia Coulon, template 109956; “Beach by Roxanne,” by Roxanne Buchholz, template 109020.

With today’s busy lifestyles, taking time out to spend with your family is extremely important and strengthens the bonds of love that are carried throughout a lifetime and passed down to future generations. Capture your family’s vacation this year in a Heritage Makers project. Design maps, like this one, are an easy way to help you get started!

And remember, our custom posters are an additional 10% off during the month of July, so start yours today!